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Harry Potter headcanons (but you probably guessed that already) ....
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Sometimes I remember about my early days in the (French speaking) HP fandom and how people were comparing Draco to Eminem because he was a ~a dark tragic poet~ or some shit and it was really ridiculous.

#99. Ron and Hermione’s first real date took place about a month after Voldemort’s downfall, in a small café hidden between a bookstore and a thrift shop in the muggle side of London.

Inspired by a similar manip of Hermione I saw on facebook a few days ago.

(Now, why does his colouring and facial structure change from one house to an other? So does the family he was born in, I guess.)

(Source: wizardingworldheadcanons)

I remade/extended my sorting quiz :D

What Hogwarts house would you be in?

(also, wow, I should really post in this blog more often » anyone has head-canon requests?)

#98. Fred II Weasley did not closely resemble his namesake in looks, but had a nearly identical personality. Nearly : George had raised his son to be slightly more considerate in his actions, and Angelina had taught him how some things (one’s education, relationships and quidditch team) were to be taken seriously .

#97. For many of Harry’s casual friends, the year following the Battle of Hogwarts was one of great confusion regarding their social standing. Were they close enough to stand at the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice’s side, or were they mere fans who could only watch him from afar?

#96. Harry might have been acclaimed as the best Auror of his generation, but did not nearly enjoy the job as much as Ron did.

#95. Hermione took piano lessons during a few years during childhood, but music never came easily to her. In the end, she quitted out of frustration. Whenever she’d look back and regret that decision, she’d call herself out by remembering how much of a drag those lessons had been.

#94. Tracey Davis was not the luckiest of Slytherins, as both her parents where Halfbloods, but undeniably deserved her place in the house. Ambitious and diligent, she dreamed of being elected Minister of Magic and leading wizarding Britain into a well needed golden age. One could say that her idealism got the best of her, as she lost her life fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts.

#93.Professor Flitwick, who had been taunted about his height during all of his life, chose to specialize in spells in hope of finding one that’d make him taller. In the end, he never did, his newfound talent having made him both confident and happy.